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Brett_Profile_PicBrett Adair

Senior Producer, LSN
Birmingham, Alabama owner and Mississippi State meteorology student, Brett Adair travels all across the country in search of extreme weather. From an early age he was hooked on severe weather when a tornado struck near his home on a late winter night. Living in the Birmingham, Alabama television market helped drive his extreme passion weather and broadcasting. Brett has been featured in television markets all across the country reporting and submitting high quality footage of tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, and flooding events. It wasn’t until the April 27th, 2011 tornado outbreak that ravaged his home state that he became more serious in organizing the Live Storms Network brand. He has a vision of being first on the scene during each and every severe weather situation. This is what the Live Storms Media brand is known for and about. When Brett isn’t in the field, he is assisting guide other members of the team into the “bears cage”. During severe weather, you can always find Brett and crew on his page at

sibley_bioJohn Sibley

Senior Producer, LSN
Atlanta, Georgia

As a journalist traveling the country, John Sibley has seen a lot of what mother nature dishes out. From tornadoes to hurricanes, John is never far from the action. A veteran of the Iraq War, John has his bachelors degree from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL and an associate degree from Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, GA. John’s work has been featured on ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, NBC, The Weather Channel, Weather Nation as well as local television stations during severe weather outbreaks. What began as a hobby in 2001 has become a full time passion for John as he joins the Live Storms Media team full time.

pooleLogan Poole

Meteorologist, LSN
Wichita, Kansas

Logan Poole hails from the Deep South and sees that as a motivation to become a Storm Warning Meteorologist at AccuWeather. Logan’s expertise is seen as an important point for the success of the Live Storms Media contributors. Logan has a bachelors degree in meteorology from the University of South Alabama and a Master of Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University. Logan sees himself working with Emergency Managers before natural disasters strike. Logan also gets out to document storm damage. He believes that real world experience is worth more than just being in a classroom. When the weather isn’t making headlines, you can find Logan out fishing with his wife and two girls.

zachZach Hargrove

Meteorologist, LSN
Bismark, North Dakota

Zach Hargrove is a meteorologist and photojournalist who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of North Carolina Asheville and is currently completing his Master of Science degree in the same field at the University of North Dakota. Zach plans on continuing to his PhD in Atmospheric Science. Zach has been documenting and filming storms regularly since 2011 and has seen over 15 tornadoes and countless supercells. When he was in third grade, a tornado tore through his neighborhood in Roswell, Georgia. This experience embedded a deep fear of extreme weather in him that eventually turned into a great passion. When he is not researching or documenting tornadoes, blizzards, or the northern lights, you can find Zach studying or spending time with his wife and infant son.


Live Storms Network Contributors:

estmanAaron Estman

Dallas, Texas

Aaron Estman is a chaser based out of Dallas, Texas. Aaron was interested in weather at a young age, but became really interested in severe weather when Greensburg, Kansas was hit by an EF-5 tornado in 2007. After that day, Aaron wanted to film storms. Aaron also has a background in radio broadcasting and journalism. Aaron’s work has been featured on ABC News, CBS News, CNN and local news affiliates around the country.

aaron_bioAaron Rigsby

Marysville, Ohio

Since an early age, Aaron Rigsby has always been interested in severe weather. He would always find himself glued to the radar or doing research projects about historic severe weather outbreaks. Aaron has witnessed many tornadoes including one that impacted his hometown in 2010. He always keeps his camera close at hand when the forecast calls for severe weather. But tornadoes are not all that Aaron captures on film. He prides himself on his still photos of cloud structure. Aaron captured several tornadoes and is looking forward to his pursuit going into the future.

bartBart Comstock

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bart Comstock is a professional video and photojournalist out of Tulsa, OK that covers extreme weather and other natural disasters. Bart has been in the field covering natural disasters since 2005 and his footage has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, The Weather Channel, TruTV, Discovery Channel, and countless local news stations across the US. Bart himself has been on countless local and national TV programs. Bart Comstock was also a member of HAILSTONE 2011 which recorded the largest hailstone ever found in the state of Oklahoma (6 inches in diameter).

brantleyBrantley French

Fortson, Georgia

Brantley French has been following storms since 2007 when a tornado passed within 100 yards of his home in Columbus, GA. Following the incident, Brantley shook his fear of severe weather and has been learning more and more about weather and the forces behind it. He has been a professional photojournalist since April 2011 when he filmed the April 27 EF-4 Tuscaloosa Tornado. His work has been featured on the Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery, and National Geographic. Brantley chases anything from tornadoes to hurricanes.

hilgerJames Hilger

Rogers, Arkansas

Born in California, James spent most of his years living in Southwest Missouri and eventually moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1994. James has always been fascinated with floods and lightning as a kid, but tornadoes and derecho events really sparked his interest later in life. James has been storm spotting locally since 1999, and became a media chaser in early 2010 which includes ABC-40/29 and KNWA-FOX 24 which he is currently with now. “I received my Amateur Radio License back in 2005. I’ve taken many storm spotter training classes, but for me the real learning took place by just getting out in the field. I’ve easily chased over 100 events so far.” One look at James’ vehicle and you will notice just how serious he is about chasing storms. He lifted his vehicle and put on larger all-terrain tires to continue following the storm when pavement is not an option. He Rhino Lined his vehicle to lessen the chance for hail damage and also built a hail guard extending over his windshield. Other equipment includes an anemometer to get a more accurate wind speed. Hilger chases because he absolutely loves to experience the shear power and beauty of nature and he believes providing live stream of the storms causes more people to take precautions vs just a siren.

jason_bioJason Brand

Jackson, Mississippi

Jason Brand has enjoyed storm spotting since he was young. His passion grew in his high school years and lead him to joining the local fire department. He went on to become a Firefigther, EMT, Technical Rescue, Emergency Management, and Terrorism Officer. He has attended countless acadamies and has logged 1000’s of hours in classes. He was instrumental in creating the first StormReady city in the State of MS and was ranked number two in the nation at one time. He was an assistant training officer for the department including organizing and leading a group of advanced storm spotters in stormteam deployments through the county. The model was then adapted from the City into the county and multiple other jurisdictions in the State of MS. Jason has worked for two cities and two counties in Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management spanning 15 years. He has passionately enjoyed storm chasing since his high school years. He has been on countless chase trips with his video/photo’s appearing live on ABC, CBS, and The Weather Channel. Currently an active member and the treasurer for the Tau Chapter of the NWA/AMS For Central MS. Jason enjoys bringing years of his chasing, forecasting, and emergency management/emt training to the field for chase trips. He enjoys weather analysis, forecasting, and anything weather related while he continues his education in Operation Meteorology/Geosciences at Mississippi State University.

burressLogan Burress

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Logan is a storm spotter/videojournalist for KNWA/FOX24 in Northwest Arkansas. He has been chasing for just over a year and loves getting up close and personal unless the structure is worth hanging back for. Of all the setups he has chased, he says the best would have to be May 30th of 2013 when he bagged two to three tornadoes near Mazie, OK at dusk. “Being within a quarter mile of multiple tornadoes is breathtaking, and was serene and peaceful over an open field like it was.”
Logan resides in somewhat rural Arkansas in the far Northwest corner in the town of Bella Vista. He plans to pursue meteorology in college at Iowa State University and has a passion for attempting to better understand the relationship in mesoscale and even microscale meteorology features and their association to tornadogenesis.

nick_bioNick Hellums

Memphis, Tennessee

Nick Hellums’ weather interest started differently than most. As a small business owner, Nick needed to know how the weather was going to effect his lawn care clients. That interest naturally evolved into Nick’s passion today. Now with the latest in forecasting technology, you can expect to find him out trying to capture on film the worst mother nature has to offer. Nick’s work has been featured on NBC affiliate WMC and he donates time and effort to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

shaeShae Cohan

Pana, Illinois

An independent photographer from a young age, Shae Cohan continues to pursue his passion in weather. Studying meteorology for his BSA at Western Illinois University, Shae plans to continue his education with a masters in meteorology. Shae has been fascinated with the weather since a young age. An active storm spotter since he received his drivers license at age 16, Shae now travels the country filming the worst of what mother nature has to offer. His work has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and The Weather Channel.

Nick smithNick Smith

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Nick Smith has loved weather since he was a kid. This passion was enhanced by living through the historic outbreak of the May 3, 1999 F-5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and also lived through a near miss with Hurricane Hugo in Jacksonville, Florida in 1989. Nick has been filming storms in the Oklahoma area since relocating in 2008. Nick’s work has been feature on The Weather Channel, The NBC Today Show, MSNBC and also NBC Nightly News. When the skies are clear and all is well loves to hang out with his wife and is a Pastor at in South OKC.

stevensonJared Stevenson

Marietta, Georgia

First captivated by the movie Twister, Jared Stevenson knew from an early age that his passion was severe weather. Jared has logged thousands of miles across the country documenting severe weather events from hurricanes to tornadoes. His work has been featured on local and national television including Fox News and The Weather Channel. Jared’s plans for the future include research and documentation of the worst disasters nature can offer. He hopes that by collecting raw data, researchers will be able to better understand the dynamics of natural disasters.

brandonTBrandon Thomas

Prattville, Alabama

Brandon Thomas has always wanted to hunt storms. An avid outdoorsman, Brandon has always had an interest in what the weather was going to do. That lead to his first tornado encounter in 2005 in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Brandon would join the Alabama Storm Trackers in 2010 and later the Live Storms Network as one of the first members. Brandon’s passion for weather has taken him all across the southeast but he prefers to go to where the worst nature has to offer. Brandon’s work has been featured on local television and on several national networks. When it’s not storming, you can find Brandon out enjoying the wilds Alabama has to offer.

jasonJason Weingart

Austin, Texas

Freelance photojournalist and graduate of the University of Central Florida, Jason Weingart strives to tell the story of the storm through his images. He often pursues severe weather with his fiancee, Savannah Williams. Jason’s interest in severe weather stems back from an early age, when a local television meteorologist visited his third grade classroom and showed tornado videos to the class. He is following his childhood dream of being a storm chaser. Jason’s work has been featured by Yahoo, NASA-TV, AOL, The Telegraph, China News, and various media outlets around the world.

tylerTyler Kruckman

Monticello, Minnesota

Tyler Kruckman was born in central Minnesota which gave him a front row seat to many types of weather conditions. Growing up Tyler would be glued to the TV during severe weather watching the local weatherman giving out updates. Tyler’s passion has always been weather related. Tyler’s favorite saying in Minnesota is “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes, it will change” An amateur radio operator, Tyler is always prepared for any weather event whether its 110 degrees, 50 mph winds and pouring rain, or -35 degrees and blowing snow. When Tyler is not out in the weather he is with his wife and daughter teaching them about amateur radio and weather science.

trevorTrevor Leeper

Clarendon Texas

Trevor Leeper’s interest in severe weather started at a very young age when his father would take him storm spotting on a fire truck. As Trevor got older, he grew an even more interest in severe weather and began documenting severe weather across Oklahoma, Kansas, and the Texas Panhandle. In early 2013, he began working with KVII Pronews 7 (ABC) out of Amarillo TX as a video journalist and has just recently been featured on NBC and The Weather Channel. Trevor currently resides in Clarendon Texas where he owns and operates an electronics store. When the weather is quiet, you can find him playing paintball, guitar, or throwing a baseball with friends.

hinesBobby Hines

Sayre, Oklahoma

Growing up in Minco, OK in the heart of Tornado Alley, Bobby Hines’ curiosity of the skies was born at the age of 6 when a F4 tornado struck the nearby town of Union City on May 24, 1973. Watching legendary local meteorologist Gary England as a child escalated his fascination of the weather. Bobby began working with KSBI-TV in Oklahoma City in 2003 where he reported severe weather in the field for 6 years, bringing the “ground truth” to the residence of Oklahoma. After KSBI changed ownership, Bobby’s began freelance videography ventures. Since that time he has witnessed some of the most extreme tornados in documented history. Bobby has videoed two EF 5 tornados, as well as the record 2.6 mile wide tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013. Tornados aren’t the only thing he enjoys documenting. Gorilla hail, storm structure, flooding, blizzards and ice storms are also frequent subjects. Bobby has had footage and photos appear on The Weather Channel, Japan’s Fuji TV, and many local stations.

newcombAndrew Newcomb

Indianapolis, Indiana

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Andrew Newcomb has had an obsession for severe weather since he was able to walk. Andrew learned how to write by drawing weather maps as a toddler. His passion was fueled by his initial fear of thunder and lightning as well as all of the drastic weather changes that Lake Erie produced for the Cleveland area. Andrew relocated to the Indianapolis metro in 2000 and has loved living there ever since. He enjoys all aspects of meteorology including forecasting, analysis, history, data and records, equipment, software, books, and more. Andrew has photographed and documented tornadoes, incredible lightning, major flooding, and crippling blizzards. The only thing that rivals Andrew’s obsession with weather is driving and traveling in general. Andrew will not hesitate to drive 40 or more hours to see a storm, given the opportunity. Andrew has visited 47 states and five countries. Other subjects of high interest to Andrew include photography, aviation, psychology, philosophy, history, writing, and various outdoor and business activities.

steveStephen Barabas

Southbury, Connecticut

Stephen Barabas is a meteorologist who has concentrated in theoretical and broadcast aspects in the same field, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in meteorology from Western Connecticut State University in 2012. His interest in the weather started at a very young age, like many, with a strong fascination for severe weather phenomena. Ironically, severe weather, such as thunderstorms and tornadoes, were a strong fear of his as well! It wasn’t until the age of 12 that this fear was overcome when a severe lightning storm rolled through town, hitting his house and sending a power surge through all electrical appliances causing them to turn on in a rather eerie way. From there that interest and passion exploded and it was sealed that he would become a meteorologist. By the age of 13 he began to record severe storms as they moved into his town, using a bulky video camera from the 1980s! It wasn’t until 2005 that he’d do his first mobile New England storm chase. Chasing locally in the challenging northeastern United States soon shifted to chasing in the plains each spring by 2011 when Steve’s money situation finally allowed him to cover travel expenses. He has documented several tornadoes including a stove pipe tornado from April 14th 2012 near Solomon, Ks, as well as positioning less than a 100 yards away from the El Reno, Ok multi-vortex tornado on May 31st 2013. He strives for a balance between getting dangerously close to violent tornadoes as well as a far enough distance away to view the entire storm structure itself. Steve also has a strong interest in engineering and intends to return to school in Oklahoma for degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

maxMax Olson

Parker, Colorado

Max Olson has always had an interest in weather. His first trip to Tornado Alley with his father in 2007 only increased his passion in following severe weather. Max goes out every year in search of capturing severe weather. Whether it’s tornadoes, hailstorms, or blizzards Max is always out in the elements with his camera capturing the raw power of mother nature on video. His footage has been seen on The Weather Channel, many local news affiliates and on CBS news program ‘48 Hours’.

jeffJeff Tyler

Dallas, Texas

Jeff Tyler’s broadcast career spans 32 years in major markets such as Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas. In 1993, Jeff was signed by the ABC Radio Network and was syndicated as an on air talent both domestically and internationally. Recent opportunities have lead to Jeff expanding into electronic news gathering. Jeff’s broadcast experience means he is level headed under pressure and understands the vital importance of delivering accurate, complete information in a professional manner.

sloneNick Slone

Tiffin, Ohio

Nick Slone is a nature photographer from northern Ohio. Nick has been interested weather photography since he was old enough to press the shutter button on a camera. He has been filming the worst mother nature has to offer for several years and plans to get even more close up to the action.

kevinKevin Saunders

Rockwall, Texas

Kevin Saunders is a independent photojournalist from Rockwall, TX. Kevin has worked with the Rockwall Herald Banner and the Fate Fire Department as a photographer covering weather events, wrecks, and fires. Kevin can provide video, pictures, and live streaming of any type of event. Kevin’s HD live streams have been featured on several major media outlets across the country. Kevin owns Rockwall County WX, volunteers at the Fate Fire Department, and loves to document all types of weather and breaking news. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys the outdoors and relaxing with his wife and their 5 children.

LawrenceLawrence McEwen

Noble, Oklahoma

Lawrence McEwen is a professional photographer and A storm chaser based out of Central Oklahoma. Starting at an early age, Lawrence has always been interested in severe weather. Growing up in Moore, Oklahoma Lawrence has seen firsthand what severe storms and tornadoes can do. On May 3rd, 1999 a deadly F-5 tornado hit Lawrence’s home town of Moore, it was from that point on that he wanted to do more than just chase storms, He wanted to research them. In 2005 Lawrence formed A storm Video Research company. Six years later, in the spring of 2013, Lawrence partnered with Live Storms Media. Lawrence’s work has been featured on The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel, Fox News, Cnn, ABC, CBS, and NBC.

russellbioCharles Russell

Greenville, Michigan

Charles Russell is a professional photographer from out of Greenville, MI. Charles enjoys capturing mother nature at her best/worst, and sharing his media with the world. He is obsessed with weather and nature in general. A Michigan native, he gets to experience 4 beautiful seasons, and a potpourri of weather conditions, ranging from severe thunderstorms, to heavy snow, and everything in between. In late 2005, he joined the digital camera age, and really became focused on capturing the world around him. He has traveled to many places in the US, everywhere from the US/Mexico border, to the US/Canada border. 12,000ft up in the Rockies, and all over in between. In May 2013, he captured his first tornadoes in Rozel, KS. He has had media featured on 60 Minutes, The Weather Channel, FOX 17, WOOD TV8 and WZZM13. He has experienced many memorable weather events in his lifetime. Most notably the 1998 Great Lakes Derecho. “Every weather event sticks with me for life, and actually helps me remember other parts of my life. I guess you could say that my whole life revolves around the weather.” When he’s not chasing, you’ll find him fishing, cycling, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors.

Travis Schaefer

Temple, Texas

Travis Schaefer is a photographer that specializes in severe weather videography. Since 1997, he has been filming storms through the central and southern plains in search for one of natures most beautiful and powerful sights, severe weather and tornadoes. He works with his local news affiliate KXXV 25 in Waco,Texas and KRHD Bryan-College Station to cover local events as well. He lives in Troy, Texas and was born and raised just south of Troy in Temple, Texas. Travis is a self-employed entrepreneur and a private pilot. He has always enjoyed studying meteorology and the dynamics of atmospheric science.

Danny Murphy

Hazleton, Iowa

Danny Murphy is a photographer from rural Hazleton, Iowa and has been documenting, studying and photographing weather since the mid 1970’s. Danny has received an Associate of Arts degree from a community college in Sedalia, Missouri, in 1986 with an emphasis in Mathematics and Physics. He has also attended the University of Missouri for meteorology and Central Missouri University for secondary earth science education. He has worked with KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids and KWWL-TV in Waterloo in providing content for live news coverage. Danny has also worked with the Buchanan County Emergency Management Agency in Iowa providing ground reports after severe weather events. Currently Danny works building John Deere Tractors at the Tractor and Cab Assembly Operations in Waterloo, Iowa.  When Danny isn’t covering mother nature’s worst, you can find him outside enjoying nature.

inmonCorey Inmon

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Corey is a storm tracker for KOCO-5 TV based out of north central Oklahoma. Corey’s passion for storms began at an early age, riding along with his father as a storm spotter and spending many nights on the back porch watching storms roll in and out. After graduating from Blackwell High School in 1996, Corey began spotting on a volunteer basis for the City of Blackwell’s Severe Weather Operations Department spending many days and late nights keeping the community warned of approaching severe weather. Corey joined Severe Studios in 2012 streaming live video from all over northern Oklahoma, including live streaming the April 30, 2012 Medford, OK tornado live to The Weather Channel. Corey joined the First Alert Storm Team at KOCO-5 TV in Oklahoma City in February 2013 covering the historic May tornadoes of 2013. Corey is a small business owner, who when not tracking severe weather, enjoys officiating high school and college sports. He has been an official with the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association for 16 years and with the NCAA in baseball for 3 years.

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