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5PM Eastern Update–New York Lake Effect Snow

5PM Eastern Radar


This evening we continue to watch in amazement the very heavy lake effect snow band that is impacting portions of Western New York.  This band has essentially been around all day and has made for some extreme scenes.  Below are a few pictures from Live Storms Media stringers Aaron Rigsby and Greg Soliday from the south Buffalo area.



Greg will remain in the Hamburg area shooting film for the next several days as he is seemingly stuck in that region.  Aaron has departed and moved back toward Ohio, but not without getting into the thick of the snow event of his life.  70” totals are very uncommon over a multi-day period…in fact some locations don’t see 70 inches in a 5 year stretch.

Stay will Live Storms Media and we will continue to bring you up to date information as soon as our stringers report.

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