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1-11-15 icy nations midsection


Freezing rain and sleet are becoming serious issues across portions of Northern Arkansas into Central Missouri at this hour where several roads are becoming iced over due to long duration frozen precipitation. 


Our own Brian Emfinger has been in the field this morning watching things unfold in the Ozark, Arkansas area.  This is icing that has occurred on I-40 at exit 35 in Ozark.  Travel is not advised as ice can be seen on the highway there.  Those lighter colors against the pavement would be ice…it can be seen exceptionally well in the lane just ahead of the tow truck.

Areas from Springfield – Cape Girardeau – St. Louis will deal with the brunt of things over the next few hours.  Here are the latest advisories and warnings from the National Weather Service…


Stay tuned as we expect to have more footage coming in throughout the day…

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